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The 2019 Champions Cup Logo (English Version)

Logo Champions Cup 2019 More than 30 years after the last time, Fortitudo Baseball returns to host the Baseball Champions Cup. From 4 to 8 of June, the best European teams will compete in the fields of the ‘’Gianni Falchi’’ stadium in Bologna and the ‘’Teseo Bondi’’ in Castenaso. To celebrate this important achievement, the special logo of the event was created and designed.

‘’After a long time, Fortitudo Bologna is going to host the Baseball Champions Cup, the top continental baseball event for club teams. Precisely for this reason, the management wanted to pay a tribute to the city of Bologna, which will become the home of European baseball for a week, including the most important and loved monuments of the city ,also present in the tournament logo. Among these are the Statue of Neptune, the Basilica of San Luca, the Two Towers and the façade of the Church of Santo Stefano’’ Daniele Mattioli, Head Of Operational Marketing for Fortitudo Baseball, comments.

The white-blue color is obviously a reminder of Fortitudo's team colors, the gray instead, was used  to highlight the diamond, with home plate under the 2019 sign'' Mattioli concludes.

The Champions Cup, as mentioned, includes the best 8 European teams. Bonn Capitals (Germany), Neptunus Rotterdam (Netherlands, the defending champs), Rouen Huskies (France) and Parma (Italy) are in the Group A.

In the Group B there are Fortitudo Bologna (Italy), Deurne Spartans (Belgium), L&D Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Ostrava Arrows (Czech Republic).


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